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Educational Background

Ph.D. in Economics
University of Chicago, 1984

Undergraduate Degree
Universidad Catolica de Chile, 1977



1994 - present   Professor of Economics, California State University, Long Beach, CSULB

2001- 2012        Associate Chair, Economics Department CSULB

2000- 2012        Graduate Advisor, Economics Department CSULB

1989 - 1994       Associate Professor of Economics, CSULB.

1986 - 1989       Assistant Professor of Economics, CSULB.

1983 - 1987       Visiting LecturerUniversity of California - Los Angeles
                       Visiting Lecturer.
  University of California - Irvine.

1977                 Instructor.  Instituto de Economia, Universidad Catolica de Chile.



1988 - 1997   Coeditor Contemporary Economic Policy (formerly Contemporary Policy Issues).

2006              Invited Editor Well Being and Social Policy volume 2 #2


1993 - 1996   Senior Economist -  The World Bank

1996 (April)   Member of a National Research Council Panel on Improving Labor Markets.
Collaborated in the preparation of Options for Improving Labor Markets for Megacities in the Developing World.

1981 - 1982   Chilean National Planning Office, Economist

1977             Agricultural Economics Department, Universidad Catolica de Chile,
Research Associate, Project on Farmers Insurance.


2011 Chilean Government Pensions Secretariat

2009-2010 NCPA (National Center for Policy Analysis)

2009 – present  Member Consejo de Políticas Públicas Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo – Santiago – Chile

2008 - present  Member Consejo Asesor IIDSES (Instituto de Investigaciones sobre Desarrollo Sustentable y Equidad Social) – Ciudad de Mexico – Mexico  

2006 CONSAR (Mexican Commission Savings towards Retirement System)

2000  California State University Sacramento - Faculty Fellows Program.  Study on Contingent Workers and Alternative Employment Arrangements in California.

1999  City of Santa MonicaProvided advice in defining the terms of reference for a study on the potential impact of a Living Wage Ordinance.

1999  Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) External Evaluator for the study Adolescents and Young Adults in Latin America: Critical Decisions at a Critical Age, developed within the framework of the second Regional Research Network Project of the Inter-American Development Bank.

1999  The World Bank.  Study of Rural Labor Markets in Poland.

1999  The World BankAnalysis of Gender, Old Age and Social Security, with particular application to Chile and Argentina.

1999  OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.  Report on Income Security and Unemployment Policy in Developing Countries with particular emphasis on Malaysia, Thailand, the Phillipines and Indonesia.

1998-99 FUSADES (Fundacion Salvadorena para el Desarrollo Economico y Social).  Analysis of the Labor Market and Poverty Situation for their study: Crecimiento con Participación: Una Propuesta
Económica para el Siglo 21

1997 (August) The World Bank - Human Resources Division - Middle East and North Africa Department. Evaluated proposed changes to the Moroccan Labor Law.

1997 (January) The World Bank - Quality Assurance Group. Examined the Quality at Entrance of four Primary Education ongoing Projects in Latin America --Bolivia, Peru, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.  (Report nominated for World Bank Award on Excellence)

1996 (December) UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Evaluated the technical merits of the Employment Module of the Paraguays Household Survey.

1993  Sigma One Corporation.  Report on the Labor Market in Nicaragua [Prepared for USAID (--United States Agency for International Development) Mission to Nicaragua.

1992  World Bank - South Asia Regional Office. Prepared Survey Paper - South Asia Labor Market.

1992  World Bank - Technical Department, Latin America Region, Human Resources Division. Report on Labor Legislation in Latin America.

1992  World Bank -  Latin America and Caribbean Division.  Brazil Department.  Report on the Informal Sector in Brazil.

1992  World BankTechnical Assistance Project in Bolivia.  Assessed the private and public sectors participation in supply of vocational training.

1991 - 1992 World Bank - Technical Department, Latin America Region, Human Resources Division. Measured gender differences in employment and pay in Latin America, The Case of Chile.

1990 - 1991 World Bank - Latin America and Caribbean Division.  Brazil and Peru Departments. Labor Market Policy and Performance.

1989 - 1990 World Bank - Economic Development Institute. Labor Markets in an Era of Adjustment Project.

1987  World Bank - Economic Development Institute. Teacher's Salaries in Developing Countries.

1985 - 1986 World Bank. Project on Labor Market Adjustment in Developing Countries.

1983 - 1984 World Bank.  Study on Wage Indexation in Developing Countries.


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Contact Information

  Department of Economics
    California State University
    1250 Bellflower Blvd.
    Long Beach CA 90840
    Phone 562-985-5969
    Fax     562-985-5804