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State Paid Lessons Information

You must be enrolled in a large ensemble.

This must happen before you can be permitted into your lessons, so you should enroll in the large ensemble in which you were placed as soon as the audition results are posted. Your total enrollment should be at least 12 units, including your lessons.

State Paid Lessons Deadline and Instructions

The deadline to add any course or lesson online is Monday, September 9th


Enroll in lessons using myCSULB by Monday, September 9, at 9:59pm (before 4pm if you would like access to any staff support). If you have any registration problems or questions send an email to for assistance and include your name, ID number, and what error message you are receiving.

How To Find Your Lesson Number

As soon as you get the email notification, register for your lesson online. Your lesson number will be posted on the board outside the Music Office (the same area as jury sign-ups), and is also available online here (list opens in a new window):

List of Numbers: spl-list-fa-2019.pdf Adobe PDF (367k)

Late Registration

If you still need to enroll in lessons or in any course and have missed the online registration date, you can do so using the late registration form. The deadline to late enroll without a fee is Monday, September 16; the deadline to late enroll with a $10 fee is Monday, September 23; after September 23, you cannot add at all.

Go to the Late Registration Request Form

  1. Fill out the late registration request form
  2. Print it out
  3. Take it to your instructor and have them sign it
  4. Bring it to the main Music Office UMC-C304
  5. Take Your late registration request form to Enrollment Services window (Brotman Hall, first floor)

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