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5pm March 28, 2014
PSMS-Scholars Application Deadline

5pm November 14, 2014
PSMS-Starters Application Deadline

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October 9, 2014

2011-2012 AY Scholarship Recipients

Program Overview

The Physical Science and Mathematics Scholarship (PSM-Scholarship) program at California State University, Long Beach is sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DUE # 0966039) that provides need-based scholarships to declared BS-track undergraduate students from the departments of Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, and Geological Sciences. The purpose of the PSM-Scholarship program is to improve the retention and graduation rates and to prepare students to enter STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) workforce or graduate study. Our goal is to develop a cohort that will be a part of the college-wide learning community and be a student leader in the respective department. The program has two sub-programs: the PSMS-Starters and PSMS-Scholars.


The Starters program is designed for students early in their college career and the activities are designed to develop a community of learning with the goal of creating a supportive environment in which students develop good study habits, build a solid academic foundation, and establish stronger ties with the campus community.

The Scholars program is for advanced students who are taking upper division courses within their respective majors. The objectives of the program are to prepare a highly-skilled workforce for government and industry or for a graduate-level education.

Each sub-program selects 3 incoming students per year (supporting 12 students in any given year except for the first year), and the scholarship amount is determined by the individual's financial need with an average amount of $6,400 per year. Participants can receive the scholarship for two years in each sub-program and the PSMS-Starters can continue to the PSMS-Scholars program provided that they meet the retention criteria. See the retention criteria for the PSMS-Scholars page for more details.


  1. 2013 Spring mixer took place on April 13 at Professor Chang's residence. Many of us saw each other for the first time. We even caught up with a PSMS alumni to find out what's new and happening in her life now. Some students even learned how to play Majong for the first time.

    getting food

  2. Family members and friends came to celebrate and honor the achievements of our 2012-2013 scholarship recipients in the fall mixer on Friday, October 26 in the Chartroom. With nearly 40 particiants in attendance, the event was a huge success. Family and friends are such an integral part of our students' success, we are lucky to have connected with them on this special day and thankful for their continuing support for the students.

    family members, student recipients, and faculty members attended the 2012-2013 fall mixer.

    geology group physics group math group chemistry group

  3. 2012 Spring mixer took place on April 15, 2012 at Professor Chang's residence. Many people brought dishes to share. We all had a wonderful time talking about school and whatnot.

    getting food Leo and Brandon sit around and talk group photo, 15 people in attendance