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Profile of Raymond DeLeon

Ray DeLeon

Ray DeLeon

Program Review Analyst Raymond De Leon has built a 33-year campus career by asking the right questions.
It has been De Leon’s responsibility since 1994 to use carefully crafted surveys to review various programs within the Division of Student Services, but his CSULB connection goes much deeper than that. De Leon earned his bachelor’s in history from CSULB in 1973, followed by a master’s in secondary education with an emphasis in reading in 1976. CSULB is where he met wife Vivian—she earned a bachelor’s in psychology here—and where daughter Katrina earned a bachelor’s in film and electronic arts in 2004. Both of De Leon’s daughters grew up on campus. His youngest daughter, Amy, who donated a kidney to her father in 2005, attended the Isabel Patterson Child Development Center.

In his present position, De Leon is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of Student Services Division programs. “I develop surveys, distribute them, collect them and analyze the data they provide,” said De Leon. “Not only do I study quantitative data, but I also examine the comments made by students. I look for balance. What does the staff say? What does the director say? I look for perspectives good and bad, positive and negative. With that data, I make between 70 and 100 recommendations for the programs.”

For instance, De Leon points to a program that seemed at a loss about how to access student records from other programs that hesitated to share data because of privacy issues. His observations led to a recommendation that orientation students provide the elusive data by completing simple question-and-answer forms. “I recommended students fill out short forms during orientation presentations,” he explained. “That provided the information needed by the program, such as names, majors and emails.”

Ray DeLeon taking photos

Ray DeLeon

The four-year U.S. Air Force veteran served at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base and McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, where he visited missile silos, got a first-hand look at the Cold War tactics of Strategic Air Command and provided support to the base newspaper, air police on crime scenes and the aircraft crash investigation teams. At the end of his service, he attended Long Beach City College before transferring to CSULB in 1971. After his 1973 graduation, De Leon became involved with CSULB’s Upward Bound and EOP programs, first as a part-time assistant director of Upward Bound. He later served as interim director for Upward Bound, EOP and Testing and Evaluation Services. He earned a doctorate in education from Claremont Graduate University in 1993, and taught for various community colleges and CSULB’s College of Education for 30 years. He also is an active community volunteer in Aliso Viejo, his city of residence.

De Leon enjoys photography, examples of which decorate his office in the Foundation Building. “I’ve been interested in photography ever since I experimented with my mother’s box camera,” he recalled. “Later, the Air Force trained me in photography at the Color School at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver.” De Leon also enjoys listening to 1960s and ’70s music and reading books of mystery, history and biographies.

De Leon is glad he made the choice to join CSULB. “I’ve been here 33 years,” he said. “I think that speaks for itself.”