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California State University, Long Beach
Summer Bridge Program
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Melissa Fombona

I want to start off by thanking all the SBP Staff, tutors, and instructors, for giving us this opportunity to experience this program with all your love and support. I want to give an even more special thanks to our RA advisors we had, you guys are the best. I’m glad I got to know all of you, and I promise to keep in touch. - Melissa Fombona SBP 2012

Rian Jackson

These four weeks have really been an educational experience for us all, whether we were doing school work or just getting to know someone. I’m glad we all came out of our shells and started to build friendships with everyone. Let’s not let this be an ending for us but a celebration to new beginnings. See you all around campus during the fall, “Don’t be acting like a fool!” Thank you to all the tutors, RA’s, and mentors for all your help, motivation, and support. Without you all, this program wouldn’t have been as successful.- Rian Jackson SBP 2012

Nasya Harry

Summer bridge program was the best, I enjoyed every minute of it. I thank the SBP stuff for allowing us to have a tremendous summer. Brenda, Bryan, Giselle, and Kenny you guys are the best tutors ever, thanks for assisting me in my work. Ms. Rebecca thank you for being the best math instructor anyone can have. I appreciate it a lot, thank you for encouraging me. Jose thank you for English class “linguistic” the best class ever.- Nasya Harry SBP 2012

Sandra Rojo

Thanks! It was all fun and new to me. The classes were difficult, especially math, but other than that, I’m glad I’ve kept up with the challenge. And to my classmates, you guys are funny and great people.- Sandra Rojo SBP 2012

Millie Ezeh

I want to use this opportunity to thank all the SBP Staff for giving me a head start in college. In the last few weeks, I have learned a lot and I am sincerely greatful. I want to thank all my tutors and instructors for helping me out through my classes.- Millie Ezeh SBP 2012

Brigitte Ardon-Diaz

Most memorable moment for me would be the scavenger hunt we did at the library. It was fun running around looking for books. -Brigitte Ardon-Diaz SBP 2012

Luis Damas

Most memorable moment was staying up all night typing an essay and doing homework, which was assigned late, and all due that morning.- Luis Damas SBP 2012

Kamai Komolamit

A shout out to all the tutors, instructors, SBP staff, EOP Staff, and of course all of my new friends that I have made throughout the course of the program! I have made my 1st college experience a great one! Thanks for all your support.- Kamai Komolamit SBP 2012