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California State University, Long Beach
STARS/SOAR, Student Transition & Retention Services / Student Orientation, Advising & Registration
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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a SOAR Advisor

Selection Process Answers

  1. How is the selection process conducted?

    There are 5 actual steps for the selection process, they are:

    1. Attend a Mandatory Information Session – check the Recruitment and Selection Schedule for locations, dates and times.
    2. Complete the online application – only candidates who attend a Mandatory Information Session will be eligible to access the online application. Candidates must fully complete the application by 12 p.m. on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.
    3. Personal References – in addition to submitting the online application, candidates must submit two personal references, of which at least one must be a current CSULB staff or faculty member. See application for details and directions.
    4. Advisor Experiential – upon successful submission of the online application and two personal references, candidates will be invited to attend the Advisor Experiential, which an interactive, large group interview.
    5. Group Interview – after completing the Advisor Experiential, candidates will sign up for a one-hour interview with the SOAR staff.
    6. Selection Announcement – an invitation to join the SOAR Advisor Team will be sent to all successful candidates on April 7, 2014.
  2. What are the criteria for the SOAR Advisor position?
    1. Applicants must be current students (and returning for Fall 2014 semester) at Cal State Long Beach. (Special consideration may be given to graduating students and candidates applying to a CSULB graduate program to begin in Fall 2014.)
    2. Applicants must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA
    3. Applicants must be in good disciplinary standing
  3. When & where are applications due?

    The online application and personal references forms are due by 12 p.m. on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, to the STARS/SOAR department located in Foundation, Suite 160.

  4. What is a completed application?

    A completed application is a packet that includes:

    1. A clearly written and complete Personal Information section (Part I).
    2. Well thought out and thorough responses to the five question posed in the Short Answer Responses (Part II). The assignment should not exceed two pages. Responses showing lack of effort or thought will be disqualified.
    3. Two, completed Personal References. At least one reference must be from a CSULB faculty or staff member. Other acceptable references may be current or former employers or other professionals who know your abilities, potential, and or work ethic. References from friends and/or family members will not be accepted.
  5. Where should my Personal Reference forms be submitted to?

    The two Personal Reference forms should be submitted to the STARS/SOAR department, which is located in Foundation, Suite 160. Completed forms can be faxed to (562) 985-1899 or sent as a PDF/JPEG to Please ensure these two forms are received by SOAR no later than by 12 p.m. on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.

SOAR Advisor Answers

  1. What is a SOAR Advisor?

    A SOAR Advisor is a current CSULB student who is hired to assist new students in their academic and social transition to Cal State Long Beach. SOAR Advisors work closely with newly-admitted students to advise them in class selection and assist them with registering for their first semester of classes. They also orient new students to the university by providing them information about campus policies, resources, as well an introduction to the campus community and an interactive campus tour.

  2. What does a SOAR Advisor do?

    Details can be found on the SOAR Advisor position description web page.

  3. What type of training is provided?

    SOAR Advisors participate in intensive and thorough training of approximately 100 hours. New SOAR Advisors are required to attend Pre-Advisor Training sessions that provide a solid foundation which transitions into the summer training program. The SOAR Team participates in an overnight retreat designed to build a sense of community. Some of the topics training covers include department and General Education advising, 49er history and traditions, faculty expectations, public speaking and leadership skills, classroom management, etc.

  4. Can I be a SOAR Advisor if I’m graduating or applying to graduate school?

    Students who graduate in May 2014 can work the full summer up to the last day of summer classes. Students who are applying to graduate school can be hired under the condition that they are admitted into a graduate program at CSULB for the following fall semester.

  5. How are the SOAR Advisors compensated?

    SOAR Advisors are compensated by a predetermined hourly wage. Pay ranges from $9 to $12 per hour, depending on the level of knowledge, the number of years worked, and completed leadership classes. Most new SOAR Advisors start at $9 per hour.

  6. What else should applicants know about this job?

    SOAR Advisors work primarily in the summer, but do have responsibilities throughout the academic year. Each semester SOAR Advisors are required to complete a specified number of hours, assisting with STARS programming and/or staff recruitment. Advisors hired to work Summer 2014 will be required to work Winter 2015 SOAR workshops as well.

  7. What if I have additional questions?

    Should you have further questions about the selection process or about the position, please email Valerie Kelsey at or call STARS/SOAR at 562-985-5515.