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California State University, Long Beach
Student Health Services
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About Us

Welcome Students


Mission Statement

The mission of Student Health Services is to support academic excellence by promoting physical and mental well-being, through affordable quality health services and education. Utilizing a team of dedicated professionals, we provide sensitive, confidential healthcare services to a diverse campus community.

Vision Statement

We are distinguished by professional excellence and collaboration in wellness services that are student-centered, respectful and accessible.


  • Student success
  • Quality care
  • Respect and sensitivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Trust and collaboration
  • Individual growth and development

Meet our Staff

Director of Student Health Services

Mary Ann Takemoto, Ph.D.


Brownsyn Braud, M.D.

Michael Carbuto, D.O., M.P.H. Lead Physician

Patricia Convery, M.D.

Kimberly Fodran, M.D.

Sabira Tejani, M.D. Gynecology

Martha Wittenberg, M.D.

  • Laurel Babcock-Gill, Nurse Practitioner
  • Kate Clark, Nurse Practitioner
  • Bonnie Cegles, Nurse Practitioner
  • Rachel Maciel, Nurse Practitioner
  • Rose Darne, Physician Assistant
  • Julie McKay, Physician Assistant
  • Chanuwat Suntalus, Physician Assistant
  • Rosemary Tilmon-Kellum, Physician Assistant


Angela Girard, RN, Associate Director: Nursing, Medical Records, Lab, EMR
  • Deborah Bernal, RN
  • Donna Davidson, RN
  • Katie Jackson, RN
  • Alfred Lopez, RN
  • Kathleen Ludvigsen, RN
  • Tressa McCullough, RN
  • Jennifer Longstreet, RN
  • Heather Wertz, RN
  • Michelle Casillano, LVN
  • Kandi Dubrall, LVN
  • La Tanya Franklin, LVN
  • Faith Gronquist, LVN
  • Annie Johnson, LVN
  • Barbara Marks, LVN
  • Sherice Sanford, LVN
  • Lashanda Boone, Medical Assistant
  • Corina Carpiet, Medical Assistant
  • Amber Hackert, Medical Assistant
  • Susan Kohn, Medical Assistant
  • Gabriela Mendoza, Medical Assistant
  • Benjamin Naranjo, Medical Assistant

Clinical Laboratory

  • Dolores Salvatierra, Clinical Laboratory Scientist and Lab Supervisor
  • Donna Rhinehart, Clinical Laboratory Scientist
  • Mary-Jane Lim, Clinical Laboratory Scientist
  • Fernando Perez, Clinical Laboratory Scientist


  • Kathy Chen, Registered Pharmacist
  • Jean Kim, Pharmacy Technician


  • Janice Braun, Radiology Technologist

Health Resource Center (HRC) & Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Program (ATOD)

Kristen Fabiszewski, C.N.M., N.P., Assistant Director & Coordinator of Quality Assurance
  • Heidi Burkey, MPH, CHES, Health Educator HRC Supervisor
  • Holly Boettner, MPH, CHES, Health Educator
  • Christina Goldpaint, MPH, CHES, Health Educator
  • Jennifer Layno, Health Education Assistant
  • Linda Pena, MA, CADC, Health Educator

Budget and Facilities

Ben Brown, Assistant Director, Budget and Facilities Coordinator

Family Pact

  • Susie Lopez - Family Pact Coordinator

Information Technology

  • Huy Nguyen, System Analyst
  • James Burkett, Info Tech Supervisor
  • Michael Harris, Electronic Medical Records Coordinator & Special Reports

Front Office

  • Lee Eames, Office Supervisor
  • Liz Fisher
  • Adam Fuller
  • Cindy Saldana
  • Ashley York

Cashier Office

  • Dolora Griarte- Account Technician

Central Supply

  • William Lucas - Stock Clerk

Medical Records

  • Cecilia Mendoza-Wong, Health Information Technician
  • Hung Chung, Administrative Support Assistant II

Administrative Office

  • Julie Decker, Assistant to the Director


Angela Girard, RN, Assistant Director: Nursing, Medical Records & Front Office

  • Deborah Bernal, RN
  • Donna Davidson, RN
  • Kandi Dubrall, LVN
  • Faith Gronquist, LVN
  • Barbara Marks, LVN
  • Sherice Sanford, LVN
  • Lashanda Boone, Medical Assistant
  • Corina Carpiet, Medical Assistant
  • Susan Kohn, Medical Assistant