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California State University, Long Beach
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Post Event Results

The primary goal of the conference was to introduce new ways of thinking about careers and decision-making processes.  Overall, how successful was the conference?                         

Wow!  93%

Good   7%                   

Not exceptional     


A second goal of the conference was to facilitate a network where you could interact with professional women, as well as other students, on career-related matters. Overall, how would you rate the conference on the actualization of this concept?

Exceptional  93%

Very good  5%

Okay  2%


In which parts of the conference were you able to participate?  

Breakfast 90%

Panel presentations 97%

Luncheon 78%

True Colors 93%

Networking  82%

Letter to self 73%

Did you have an opportunity to meet and talk with any of the presenters? 

Yes  69%

No 13%

How many people did you meet that you did not know before today? 

One 5%

Five 68%

Ten or more 14%

Have you attended this conference before?        

Yes  20%

No  80%

Why did you come to the conference?

 Wanted information about careers 25%

Liked the focus of hearing successful women 61%      

Curious 17%

Graduating soon  17%

Advisor recommendation  7%

Class credit  8%

I have a mentor who is helping me with my career plans.  

Yes 5%

 No  69%     

I would like to have a mentor.   

Yes 31% 

What is your level or background?      

Transfer student 4% 

Freshman 10%

Sophomore 12%

Junior 25%

Senior 46%

Graduate Student 5%

I learned about the conference from        

Friends 19%

Posters on campus 20%

Professor 6%

7th street electronic sign 8%

Shuttle posters 8%

Mentor 2%      

Career Development Center  36%

Women's Resource Center 34%

Educational Career Services 5%