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California State University, Long Beach
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Event Instrument

Women & Careers Conference 2008

Post Event Instrument

The primary goal of the conference was to introduce new ways of thinking about careers and decision-making processes. Overall, how successful was the conference for you?


• Wonderfully so

• Good

• Okay

• Disappointing


A second goal of the conference was to facilitate a network where you could interact with professional women, as well as other students, on career-related matters. Overall, how would you rate the conference on the actualization of this concept for you?

• Excellent

• Very good

• Okay

• Poor


Which parts of the conference were you able to attend?

• Welcome


• Panel Presentations

• Roundtable Networking

What was your favorite part of the conference? 

What was the most valuable? 

Did you have an opportunity to meet and talk with any of the presenters? 




How many people did you meet that you did not know before today?





Which worksheets/handouts were most useful to you?

• Squares/25 people

• Career values

• Life Values

• Letter to self

• Power words

• Network list



Have you attended this conference before?




 Why did you come to the conference?

  1. Wanted information about careers
  2. Liked the focus of hearing successful women
  3. Curious
  4. Graduating soon
  5. Advisor recommendation
  6. Class credit

What would you add or change about the conference for next year?

Do you have a mentor helping you with your career plans? Yes    No

Would you like to have a mentor?  Yes    No

I learned about the conference from:

  1. Friends
  2. Posters on campus
  3. Professors
  4. USU electronic signs
  5. Shuttle posters
  6. Career Development Center
  7. 7th street electronic signs
  8. Mentor
  9. WRC