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California State University, Long Beach
Office of University Research
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General Instructions


CSULB Presidential Executive Order "Conflicts of Interest in Externally-Sponsored Activities" requires that, before any application for funds from a federal or other covered external agency may be forwarded to that agency, applicants must indicate by their signature on the Internal Clearance form that they have read these instructions.

In addition, the Executive Order requires that before any funds (not applied for through the grants and contracts process) can be accepted, these Instructions must be read by the person requesting acceptance of the funds and a Disclosure of Economic Interests provided to the Director, Office of University Research. This requirement applies to any external funds designated for the support of academic or academically-related activities of the University or University Foundation.

If, having reviewed the criteria, applicants believe they have financial interests exceeding the indicated amounts under the specified conditions, they must complete either of (1) a CSULB Federal Disclosure of Financial Interests Form or (2) a California Form 700-U, as appropriate.

Exempt Organizations

Principal Investigators and Project Directors applying to the organizations listed here are exempt from this reporting requirement.

Funds from Governmental Agencies

The CSULB Federal Disclosure of Financial Interest Instructions and Form (links below) shall be used for all applications to governmental agencies requiring disclosure of conflicts of economic interests, currently only the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Public Health Service agencies, e.g., the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, etc. See: NIH Policy or NSF Policy

Funds from Non-Governmental Agencies

The attached California Form 700-U and Instructions are to be used when the University or Foundation employee has a direct or indirect financial interest in a non-governmental sponsor of academic or academically-related activities, funded in whole or part:

  1. through a contract or grant of $250 or more from such a sponsor; or
  2. by a donation (gift, bequest, or any other form of donation) which is designated by the donor for a specific project or a specific University or Foundationemployee, provided the amount of the gift, or the aggregate over a 12 month period, from the same donor is $250 or more.

Disclosures of financial interest will be reviewed at the Office of University Research and, when there is an economic interest disclosed that may pose a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest, the materials will be referred to the Independent Review Committee of the University for review. All initial disclosures will be kept on file in the Office of University Research.

If the Committee believes that a "significant" conflict of interest may exist under the relevant definitions, the person who has disclosed the information, the funding agency applied to (if so required by regulation or law), and the Provost will be so informed. The employee will be referred to an appropriate office of the University or University Foundation to determine whether the conflict can be appropriately managed, reduced, or eliminated.

Mitigation to the satisfaction of the University and the funding agency must be accomplished prior to the acceptance of any funds, whether the application is for a new project, a competing or non-competing continuation of a project, or an amendment to the budget of an existing project in those cases in which the Federal government requires new disclosures.

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