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California State University, Long Beach
Office of University Research
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Companion Domestic Animal Adoption Program

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Conditions of Transfer

The CSU Long Beach Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) may authorize transfer ownership from scientific projects to private citizens certain of its animals for the purpose of being pets or companion animals. These animals will have been examined by a licensed veterinarian and found to be clinically healthy and free of signs or symptoms of infection or contagious or zoonotic diseases (those which can be transferred from animals to humans). No vicious behaviors will have been observed in these animals. The animals will have never been trained or house trained or vaccinated.

In accepting an animal the new owner agrees to register it with the local pet animal authority (e.g., "pound") and to care for the animal in accordance with all the applicable laws and regulations of locale in which the animal will reside, to include (but not limited to) having the animal vaccinated as appropriate to the species. The owner agrees to treat the animal in a humane manner and to provide both housing and food at a level consistent with good animal care practice.

The new owner understands that no employee, unit, the University campus, the California State University, nor its Trustees will accept liability for, pay the cost of, or otherwise remunerate the new owner for: cost of any licenses, vaccinations, other medical treatments required as a condition of keeping the animal as a home companion, nor any other cost associated with the animal; damages done by the animal or arising from the ownership of the animal when given into the custody of the new owner; or any other cost associated with the animal or ownership of the animal.

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I have read the above, including the conditions of transfer to my ownership of the animal described. I understand my obligations as new owner of the animal. I have been informed and am now aware of the possible risk of exposure to zoonotic diseases which can be transferred from an animal to a human being. I understand that there is always the possibility that the animal may bite me or others in the area where it is being petted or handled. With full consideration to the foregoing I accept all risks and liabilities associated with ownership of the animal. I certify that in accepting ownership of the animal that I intend to keep it exclusively for pet/companion purposes, not for commercial purposes or for consumption as food.

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