Academic Employee Relations [AER]


Personal Leaves of Absence

Paid Leave

Unpaid Leave

Requesting a Leave

Employees should familiarize themselves with the Collective Bargaining Agreement (Unit 3 and 11) between the Board of Trustees of California State University and their respective bargaining unit. For more information, Articles 22 through 24 address leave issues in the CFA contract and Article 14 addresses leave issues in the UAW contract.

  • Employees must submit a written request to the supervisor/department chair and appropriate administrator for any long-term leave of absence in compliance with department and campus policies. The written request must include the purpose of the leave, starting and anticipated return dates.    
  • If requesting sick leave, employees can visit to verify the total number of sick leave hours available.
  • Leave Program Update - June 27, 2005 Technical Letter [PDF]
Resources  In addition to Academic Employee Relations, the CSULB campus community has two very important resources that are available to assistant them.  The Office of the University Ombuds and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) are campus-based programs that offer a wide variety of services.

Office of University Ombuds

This office works independently as an objective and confidential advisor to help informally resolve campus issues. For additional information, visit


Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

This program is a free, confidential resource program available to all CSULB faculty and staff.  The program helps to explore problem areas that may affect a person’s well-being.  For more information,


Neil Iacono
Manager, Academic Employee Relations

Cheri Kitajima

Coordinator, Academic Employee Relations


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