Thursday, October 31, 2013
2:00-4:00 pm, Reception to follow
The Pointe

The Borderless University

Pre-Retreat Readings (Word doc)


On Instructional Technology


“The Impact of MOOCs on Smaller Universities: a Blessing or a MOOClear Disaster?,” The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, A. Katsomitros (2013)

“Laptop U: Has the Future of College Moved Online?,” The New Yorker, N. Heller (2013)


On Global Education

Recent New York Times Debate About Study Abroad

CSULB Student Testimony on Studying Abroad

Expanding Study Abroad Capacity at US Colleges and Universities, Report by the Institute for International Education


On Curriculum

“Higher Education in the 21st Century: Is the Classroom Obsolete?,” Huffington Post, A. Cabrera and C. Le Renard (2013)


“A New Plan for a New Economy: Reimagining Higher Education”, Little Hoover Commission Report (2013)


Retreat Presentations:

Global Education

Instructional Technology



Past Academic Senate Retreats