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California State University, Long Beach
2013-2014 CSULB University Catalog


Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Kinesiology

Five options are under the Master of Arts degree in Kinesiology. The core courses for thesis students are KIN 696 and 698. The core course for comprehensive examination students is KIN 696.

Option in Individualized Studies

This option is designed to provide the student with curriculum activities that combine one or more option areas into a program of study. This option is developed by the student with the advisement of a graduate faculty member and/or the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies. A statement of rationale for the proposal must accompany the program of study.


1. Required Course (3 units)

  • KIN 696 Research Methods & Statistical Analysis (3)
    Prerequisites: Undergraduate major in Kinesiology or related field, undergraduate Statistic course or equivalent.

2. Select A, B, or C (33 units):

  • A. Thesis/Project: KIN 698 Thesis/Project (6 units) and complete 27 advisor approved Elective units focused on a specific theme of study.

  • B. Capstone: KIN 694 Capstone in Kinesiology (3 units) and complete 30 advisor approved Elective units focused on a specific theme of study.

  • C. Comprehensive Examination: Achieve passing scores on the written and oral sections of the Graduate Comprehensive exam and complete 33 advisor-approved Elective units focused on a specific theme of study.

3. Complete at least seventy percent (70%) of the minimum units required for the program of study in courses at the 500 and 600 levels, including double-numbered courses (400/500).

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