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California State University, Long Beach
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Teacher Education

College of Education

Macintosh Humanities Building

Department Chair: Catherine C. DuCharme
Department Office: Carrie Hernandez, Office Manager
Education Building (ED) 1, Room 13, (562) 985-4506

Teacher Preparation Advising Center
Patricia Burn, Co-Director
Jan Condou, Associate Director
Education Building (ED) 1, Room 67, (562) 985-9259

Faculty: Shuhua An, Haldon Anderson, John Attinasi, Paul Boyd-Batstone, Ella Glenn Burnett, Carole A. Cox, Catherine DuCharme, Felipe Golez, William Jeynes, Ruth Knudson, Marina C. Krause, Trinidad Lewis, Xin Li, Ping Liu, Carol Lord, Michael Lovorn, Corinne Martinez, Huong Tran Nguyen, Jyotsna Pattnaik, Ruth Piker, Leslie Reese, Olga Rubio, Fay Shin, Linda Symcox, Joan Theurer, Steve Turley, Linda C. Whitney, Shelley Xu, Jessica Zacher

Multiple Subject Credential Program Advisors
Patricia Burn, MSCP Program and MSCP Intern Program
Olga Rubio, MSCP Spanish BCLAD Emphasis
Fay Shin, MSCP Asian BCLAD Emphasis

View the Department of Teacher Education website at
View the Teacher Preparation Advising Center website at
View the Multiple Subject Credential Program website at


The Department of Teacher Education offers coursework in credential, certificate, and Master's degree programs that include preliminary and advanced professional preparation. The department houses the Multiple Subject Credential Program, a Reading Certificate program, a Reading and Language Arts Specialist credential program, and Master's degree programs in Early Childhood Education, Reading, Dual Language Development, and Curriculum and Instruction. Courses are offered at a variety of times, with most courses offered in the late afternoon and evening to accommodate working schedules.