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Academic Information and Regulations

Academic Credit and Regulations

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Grade Appeals

Students have the right to formally appeal the final grade, but only the final grade, in a course. Appeals are limited to situations in which the student believes the grade was "prejudicially," "capriciously," or "arbitrarily" assigned. The appeal must be initiated within the first regular semester after assignment of the grade. It must first be directed to the instructor of the course, orally or in writing. If further action is necessary, the student should appeal in writing to the department chair. If further action is necessary, the department chair will forward the appeal in writing to the Department Grade Appeals Committee. If the issue continues to remain unresolved, the written appeal can be directed to the Grade Appeals Committee of the college in which the course was taken. Information about college grade appeals committees and the University policy (PS 99-16) can be obtained from the office of the college dean.