CSULB Students Present Papers at Local AMS

Three current Musicology MA students (Kerry Brunson, Marc Lombardino, Steven Ottomanyí) and one Musicology MA alumnus (Robert Wahl) were selected to present their research at the fall meeting of the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the American Musicological Society to be held on Oct. 11 at UC Irvine.

These represent one half of all papers to be presented that day.

Alicia Doyle Hosts Winter Meeting of AMS Pacific Southwest Chapter

Alicia Doyle (musicology): as the Pacific Southwest Chapter president of the American Musicological Society, Alicia Doyle hosted the winter chapter meeting on February 15 at UC Santa Barbara.  The meeting was attended by scholars from CSULB, UCSB, USC, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, University of La Verne, Occidental College, UC Riverside, Westmont College,  CSU Northridge, UC San Diego, University of Oregon, University of Texas, and NYU.  Of the eight papers selected for presentation, two were the work of current CSULB musicology students and a third was presented by a CSULB musicology alum.

Alicia Doyle Chairs AMS Conference

Alicia Doyle (musicology), as president of the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the American Musicological Society, organized a conference hosted at Chapman University.  Scholars from northern and southern California gave papers on diverse topics ranging from chant to Babbitt to the “Sonic Fiction” of Philip K. Dick.