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University Admissions

California State University, Long Beach continues to be the University of choice for a talented and diverse group of California's best and brightest students. We strongly encourage you to apply to CSULB on the Internet by visiting the University Admissions Page and CSUMentor. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can obtain an admissions application booklet from any California high school or from CSULB. You may also call our automated phone system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 562.985.2500.

Visit the University Admissions Page.
Apply directly via CSUMentor.

Your application, whether paper or electronic, and $55.00 filing fee (or fee waiver request) must be submitted by the application deadline.

Department Admissions


Admission to the Department of Music is by audition only. All entering freshmen and undergraduate transfer students who have been admitted to the University are required to pass an audition and take a theory placement examination. Students wishing to audition should prepare solo or etude material of 10 minutes in length demonstrating both technical and lyrical skills. The theory placement test is offered on each audition day and is used to determine the appropriate theory class in which the student is to enroll.

Specific information regarding individual audition requirements and dates may be obtained from the Department of Music Office, or by calling 562.985.4781. In addition, prospective students must take a theory placement exam.


The Cole Conservatory requests official transcripts, three letters of recommendation and a current résumé. The deadline for receipt of all materials in the Music Department for Fall 2013 is January 15, 2013. Performance candidates should contact Arnel G. Ignacio at 562.985.4782 to schedule an audition.

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