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Department Audition Information

A performance audition is required for acceptance into the degree programs of the California State University, Long Beach Department of Music. All entering freshmen and undergraduate transfer students who have been admitted to the university are required to pass a performance audition and take a theory placement examination. Students wishing to audition should prepare solo, etude, or art song material from the standard repertoire of approximately 10 minutes in length. The selection(s) should demonstrate both technical and lyrical skills.

The Theory Placement Exam is a diagnostic test used to determine the appropriate level of theory in which the student should enroll. The test is offered on each audition day and the first Friday of each semester.

For undergraduate and graduate admission information, please refer to our Admissions Page.

Department Audition Dates

Spring 2015 semester Audition Dates

Undergraduate Transfer Students Only:

  • Saturday, October 18, 2014—All Areas

Fall 2015 semester Audition Dates


  • Saturday, February 7, 2015—All Areas
  • Saturday, February 13, 2015—Voice And Jazz Only
  • Saturday, February 28, 2015—All Areas Except Voice And Jazz


  • Wednesday, March 11 , 2015

Call 562.985.4781 or email to reserve your slot!

Department Audition Repertoire

Audition repertoire is specific to each instrument. Please see your area for audition repertoire.

Additional Composition Requirements

All composition majors must pass a performance audition on an instrument or voice. Composition majors entering as Freshmen do not need to submit a composition portfolio. Transfer students intending to enroll as Juniors should contact Dr. Shockley regarding required portfolio materials.

Composition Transfer students are required to submit a composition portfolio as part of their audition. The portfolio should contain well-notated scores of three to five classical works, with accompanying recordings, for a variety of ensembles, and these should represent the breadth of work the student has done. Composition applicants should also include a complete list of works including title, duration, instrumentation, and performances for each piece. Portfolios should be mailed ahead of the audition day, or turned in (at the latest) on the audition day itself.

Once a student passes the performance audition, they may be offered admission to the conservatory for instrumental or vocal study. Acceptance to the Composition major, however, will only be offered after the portfolio has been reviewed by the composition faculty.


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