Single Subject Credential in Mathematics (7-12th)

Thank you for your interest in our program. Please follow the three steps below before you make an appointment with the Single Subject Credential Advisor.

Begin by attending one of the information meetings below:

The SSCP offers monthly Information Meetings to provide an overview of credentialing in California, introduce the program, and answer specific questions. Prospective candidates are urged to attend this meeting, and similar meetings offered by other institutions, in order to make an informed choice of which program to enter.

Meetings will be held in ED1-40 (building Education 1, room 40) located on Upper-Campus off of 7th Street. If you have questions, please call (562) 985-7622.

For a Single Subject Credential in Mathematics, one must have the following coursework or its equivalent*:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics- Option in Mathematics Education (Code MATHBS03)

This option is for students preparing to teach mathematics at the secondary school level. Thirty units of post-baccalaureate coursework are also required for the Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics. See the blue “Single Subject Credential in Mathematics” handout and the Single Subject Teacher Education Program in the Graduate School of Education (ED1-54) for more specific information about courses and other requirements. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Lower Division: MATH 122, 123, 224, 233, 247; MTED 301 or CECS 174 ; ENGL 317 (Technical Writing) or 300 or 101; and one of the following sequences: PHYS 151 and 152; or PHIL 170 and 270; or eight units of a foreign language.
  2. Upper Division: MATH 310, 341, 355, 361A or 364A, 380, 410, 444; STAT 381, MTED 411; 3 additional upper-division MATH units excluding MATH 370A, 370B; and EDSS 300M.
  3. A total of 124 units including 40 upper division units.
  4. Fulfill General Education requirements. Note that you may use MATH 122 or 123 to satisfy General Education requirement B.2.
  5. Attain at least a 2.0 GPA in all courses taken, all courses taken at CSULB, all courses in the major, and all upper division courses in the major taken at CSULB. (But be aware that higher GPA standards apply for admission to the credential program.)
  6. Pass the Writing Proficiency Examination. (You must attempt this exam by the end of the semester during which you earn 75 or more units and before filing for a Grad Check. It may be retaken.)
  7. Have degree objective/major code MATHBS03. (If you wish to change your code, you must file a “Change of Degree Objective” form at the Mathematics and Statistics Department Office, FO3-120.)
  8. File a “Program Planner”, which has been signed by your Mathematics advisor, at the Mathematics and Statistics Department Office. This must be done before filing for a Grad Check.
  9. File for a Grad Check. This should be done by the preceding October 1 if graduating at the end of the Spring semester or Summer session, and by the preceding March 1 if graduating at the end of the Fall semester.

CR/NC: No upper division course used to satisfy major requirements, except English 317 or 300 and EDSS 300M , and no course in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics may be taken CR/NC.

* All the coursework is waived if one takes and passes the CSET, see:

For more information, please contact the Single Subject Credential Advisor in Mathematics (Math Ed 7-12th grades).