Minor in Physical Education Teaching (code 0-1201)

The minor in Physical Education Teaching is available to any non-Kinesiology major. This minor is designed for those students who are striving for an additional credential. With completion of this minor, the University will recommend the additional credential in Physical Education.


A minimum of 34 units as follows: BIOL 207 and KPE 301 or BIOL 208 and KPE 300; KPE 315, 343, 370, 380, 460, 483; EDSS 300P; Eight physical activity units including: KPE 237 or 238; 265; 250 or 257; 253 or 255; 171A or 264; 266 or 267;

In addition to the above, each student is required to demonstrate skill proficiency at an average 3.5 level on a 5 point scale in KPE 343 and the 8 physical activity units completed to satisfy requirements for this minor. Only physical skill proficiency scores in the range of 2.0-5.0 are recorded and computed to determine a studentís physical skill proficiency average.

Requirements: Concentration in Physical Education Elementary Teaching

A minimum of 21 units as follows: KPE 301, 312, 315, 370, 427, 476, 477.

Requirements: Concentration in Physical Education Coaching

A minimum of 20 units as follows: KPE 301, 307, 332I; a minimum of 11 units selected in consultation with appropriate KPE Advisor from the following: KPE 312, 363, 475, 489B.