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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Physical Therapy
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Undergraduate Applicants:

If you have not yet completed an undergraduate degree, you must complete a bachelor's degree at CSULB or other accredited undergraduate institution before you can apply to the program.

Undergraduates Seeking the Bachelors Degree at CSULB

A CSULB bachelor's degree in Biology, option in Physiology will best serve your academic needs as the rigor of the Physiology curriculum is similar to that of the physical therapy program. . Balwant Khatra is the advisor for physiology majors. The Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, option in Exercise Science at CSULB is another viable option for students wishing to enter the DPT program. Advising for kinesiology majors is through the College of Health and Human Services Academic Advising Resource Center.

If you choose a CSULB degree option other than Biology, Physiology option or Kinesiology, Exercise Science option, you will need to take many units beyond the basic requirements for a bachelor's degree to complete all of the prerequisites for the physical therapy program.

Transfer students should make early contact with the Department of Biological Sciences or the Department of Kinesiology to work toward a degree.

CSULB students who anticipate the completion of all undergraduate requirements by the end of the fall semester of the year prior to the year they wish to start the physical therapy program must apply to the Department through PTCAS between July 1 and November 1 for entrance into the program the following summer semester. Candidates must simultaneously apply to the University Graduate School from October 1 until December 1 for the following summer semester. Apply through enrollment services or on-line through csumentor.

Submit official GRE scores and transcripts from all colleges and universities directly both to PTCAS and to the CSULB Office of Enrollment Services, not to the Department of Physical Therapy.

Undergraduates Seeking the Bachelors Degree at institutions other than CSULB

Once the bachelor's degree and all prerequisites are completed or will be completed by the end of the fall semester before your intended summer admission date to the CSULB DPT Program, follow the application instructions for Graduate Applicants in the left column menu window. No more than 2 prerequisites may be in progress in the fall semester before your intended summer admission date.