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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Physical Therapy
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Prerequisite Courses:

CSULB Lower Division Prerequisites

Each course must be a semester in length or equivalent quarter units. A semester unit is equal to 1.5 quarter units. All Biology, General Chemistry and General Physics courses must have a lab section and be for Biology majors. Grades of C or better in each course are required. Human Anatomy and Human Physiology courses must be taken within five (5) years of the time of application. No course may be repeated more than once and no more than 3 courses may be repeated. CR/NC grades, correspondence courses, or independent study courses cannot be used.

Go to to find equivalencies at CA community colleges.

Required Courses Required Semester Units CSULB Course (units)
Human Anatomy 4* Biol 208 (4)
General Biology I and II

4, 4^

Biol 211, 212 (4,4)

Human Physiology 4

Biol 207 (4)



Biol 260(3) or

Kines 483 (3)

General Chemistry I and II 4, 4^^ Chem 111A and B (5,5)
General Physics I and II 4, 4 Physics 100 A and B (4,4)
General Psychology


Psy 100 (3)

*If human anatomy and physiology are combined, the coursework must be a 2 semester (8 units) sequence. 
^ General Microbiology may substitute for either General Biology I or II.   
^^ Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry or a combined Organic/Biochemistry course can substitute for General Chemistry II.