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California State University, Long Beach
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OLLI's New Voice

Some of us abuse it, othersharriett simply lose it, and the rest of
us use it without realizing how it affects us and the lives of others.
Harriet Bennish is coming to enlighten
us. She believes anyone can be taught to sing.
Her journey brought her from a small town in Pennsylvania coal country to The
Peabody Institute, a respected music
school at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Adding to her credentials as a vocal specialist are her experiences as a performer and teacher of voice. Her voice training experience also includes support for those who have lost expression because of Parkinson's disease and COPD. Breathing and swallowing are necessary acts facilitating voice.
Harriet is looking forward to her OLLI class, VOICE CLASS FOR ALL LEVELS. She will be dealing with groups of no more than 12 students. She envisions this to be a workable number in which she can watch every mouth in these group lessons. Sign up early; this is a limited enrollment class. It will be offered twice in 4-week sessions so you have a choice. You may not be able to carry a tune but this class should give you a new voice!

Greening Your Lifestyle

Nadine Bopp is new to OLLI and is thrilled to teach this
course called GREENING YOUR LIFESTYLE at the Alpert Jewish Community Center this fall.
Consumer choices, habits and lifestyle have a local and global impact. The items we consume: housing, furnishings, clothing, transportation, travel, food, recreation, entertainment and disposables mainly come from nonrenewable natural resources produced in faraway lands and have a cradle-to-grave lifecycle.
Awareness and education about the safety and efficacy of consumer products is often suspect
with contradicting information from the media, manufacturers, government and advocacy groups. Employing a sustainable paradigm for all of your consumer choices can allow you to live a healthier, guilt free existence and become a conscientious global citizen.
Nadine is a native Chicagoan.nadine She received her bachelor’sdegree at the University of Missouri majoring in
Biology with an emphasis in Ecology.
Thus began her lifelong involvement
in all things environmental, including being an organic gardener. She earned her Master of Landscape Architecture degree at Louisiana
State University in Baton Rouge, LA. Nadine Bopp, Master of Landscape Architecture, will guide us to “green living” in a six-week course, Tuesday evenings, at the Alpert Jewish Community Center. Go Green!