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California State University, Long Beach
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Living with Integrity

We are very pleased to have Rabbi Perlmuter join us. He emphasizes that LIVING WITH INTEGRITY…(6 weeks) is not a course in Judaism. It is a course for everyone because throughout our lives we all face ethical issues, and these issues involve decisions. Rabbi Perlmuter hopes that after taking his class, people will be better able to address challenging and perplexing moral problems and think critically about them. Some of the real world moral issues that he will present for discussion are dealing with parents, truth- telling, professional and business obligations, and forgiveness. He will include extensive discussion within his presentation. Many rabbis are trained in counseling, and Rabbi Perlmuter is one of them. Along with this expertise, he has researched the ethical questions discussed by many medical journals including, for example, Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, and the Journal of American Geriatrics Society.rabbi
Rabbi Perlmuter was born in Montreal, Canada. He did his pre-rabbinical studies in Morristown, New Jersey and was ordained in Brooklyn where he also did his graduate work. We are fortunate to have him in California where he is the Rabbi in Shul by the Shore, located at the Long Beach Seaport Marina Hotel. Students will be exposed to contemporary academic thinking and legal issues concerning ethical questions.
Several people who have attended Rabbi Perlmuter's lectures have commented that they admire his personal approach, his knowledge, and
his sense of humor. He says that he derives his wisdom partially from traditional and modern Jewish scholars.
We face decisions every day of our lives. Some are more perplexing than others, but they need to be resolved for the sake of our inner serenity. Make a decision now to improve your life. A first step? Enroll in Rabbi Perlmuter's class and join others who want to learn rational and ethical ways to approach perplexing decisions.

In the Computer Lab

kathyThanks Again!
Dr. Barbara White mentioned it in her article this issue, but those of us who spend time in the computer lab want to echo her thanks to Kimball Office furniture company of Los Angeles, who donated the new chairs to the computer lab at the beginning of winter term. We all appreciate the company’s generosity.
New Class: COMPUTER COPY CAT COLORING Remember when you were lit le and how much fun you had coloring? It didn’t matter if you stayed in or strayed over the lines, it was soothing and relaxing. Well, you may not be six years old, but if you loved coloring you should try class leader Patricia Wood’s COMPUTER COPY CAT COLORING and learn how to color using a computer. Patricia will provide the pictures of animals, fl owers, people, places,
geometric shapes and more. See how you can have fun exercising your creative muscles.
Using a computer mouse instead of a crayon, you will select from a great number of colors to bring the pictures to life. The class is limited to six students, so you can get individual attention if you need it. Students should be familiar with
basic computer
Learn the New Version of Picasa
If you haven’t yet had a chance to explore the latest version of Picasa, the free editing and organizing software, you will be introduced to all the new features in the MANAGE AND ENHANCE YOUR PHOTOS WITH PICASA class taught by
Reggie Gates. You’ll learn how to “tag” or label your photos so you can find them later on by who’s in them or where they were taken; how to edit a photo’s color using a variety of filters with new photo editing eff ects.
Also learn about the new side-by-side editing
function that lets you compare versions as you edit. There’ll also be a review of simple editi ng tools, like cropping, straightening and getting rid of red eye. A reminder for all of you who are looking for a place to store your digital photos: you can get one gigabyte of free storage on Picasa—that’s enough room for about 4,000 pictures.