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California State University, Long Beach
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Early Hollywood Movies

by Jack Blecher jeff

Remember the old movieswhere calls were made on dial phones, not cell phones
and autos didn’t have seat belts and everyone smoked?
Jeff Hathcock will teach an OLLI class on early Hollywood. Among the films he’ll be showing are D.W. Griffith’s “The Birth of A Nation,” Chaplin’s “The Kid,” Douglas Fairbank’s “Robin Hood,” Mary Pickford’s
“Sparrows” and comedies of Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton. What a deal!
Jeff is a mo-tion picture director and
c u r r e n t l y has a wonderful film, “The Two Pamelas,” which is a classic film noir. To view the trailer, go to the website: and read the rave reviews. He has been making movies since 1981. Another recent picture is “Three Bad Men,” a western, starring Academy Award winner, George Kennedy. Jeff is also a legitimate theater director and has directed 174 stage plays and worked with over 5,000 actors. He has also written for Academy Award winning actor Walter Matthau, Emmy Award
winner, Jack Klugman and Walt Disney Productions. He was Talent supervisor for Knott ’s Berry Farm and was in charge of all talent.

charlieOn the status of current cinema, Jeff says: “For the most part: Dull; bland; sans good stories or interesting characters; flat lighting; too many closeups; too many actors that underplay almost into a whisper; hardly any character actors; geared for the lowest common denominator. Occasionally, great films appear, such as “Saving Mr. Banks,” “Midnight in Paris,” “The Artist,” or “Apocalypto”. Jeff ’s choices: Favorite actor ever: John Wayne. Favorite actress ever: Marlene Dietrich. Favorite movie: “The Third Man.” Greatest movie ever made: “The Searchers.”
Jeff was born in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of CSULB with a B.A. in Theater Arts. He currently lives in Cypress. His wife, Nancy, is also an
OLLI teacher specializing in acting and improv. Jeff is volunteering at OLLI, he says, “because I like to teach film, especially film noir, old Hollywood,
and classic horror films of the 1920- 30’s.” OLLI is delighted to share
his tastes in cinema. Sign up for HOLLYWOOD’s PIONEER DIRECTORS
at Pine Ave. this spring.

The Natural Way to Heal

by Thelma Teitel

If you search your lexicon for the term “naturopathy” and draw a blank, you would not be alone. It may well be the best kept secret in the art of healing. Thanks to Dr. Barbara Rush, instructor of NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE,
the secret is out, and OLLI students will have the opportunity to learn how Naturopathy heals. Naturopathic practioners work with individuals to facilitate self-healing by using natural methods including homeopathy, nutritional therapy, exercise, hygiene, counseling, and acupuncture.
rushBarbara, a licensed primary care
practioner and acupuncturist with
training in a typical medical settng,
has successfully treated older patients with cardiovascular issues,osteoporosis, depression, cancer,
weight problems, and a variety of other illnesses. The goal is to remove the underlying causes of illness rather than to merely eliminate or suppress symptoms, to be free of medications and to learn how to take responsibility for your own health.
You can also expect a little excitement - some classes will be “hands on.”
So come April 14 to June 9 to OLLI Pine Avenue in Room 202. Naturopathic Medicine will open
your eyes to new options for healing.naturo