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California State University, Long Beach
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Editor's Comments

“Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.” ~~~ John Adams

To keep up with the steady growth of our
school, the SUN has increased from 32 to 36 pages. In 1998 we started as a four pager.
I have taken over 100 classes since October 1998 when Senior University (now OLLI) opened its doors. One of the best was Roger Lafontaine’s class on the US Constitution. We will miss him and the other OLLI members listed on page 13.

goeffA memoir written by a former member of the MEMOIR class is featured again in this issue of the SUN (page 6). Geoff Carr, a member of OLLI’s
MEMOIR class, has joined the SUN staff . Welcome aboard.

Trivia: August 2014 will have five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays. This phenomenon happens only once every 823 years.
The Chinese visitors (page 3) dressed in black outdid me in nonstop picture taking. We may end up on the front page of the Shanghai SUN.
The commercial press chose not to publish Gary’s letter below.
Shame on them. Your SUN, however, recognizes and welcomes wit.

Letter to the Editor :
We are goofy to tolerate this Thanksgiving nonsense: family obligations to travel, busiest travel day of the year, dangerous roads and iced airplanes, cancelled or delayed flights with sleeping on airport floors. This is madness! We should move Thanksgiving to the first Friday
in October: good weather, three day weekend, more time to shop
before Christmas. Black Friday shopping and shoving in October
in loose fittng athletic clothes. Weeks to burn excess calories before Christmas overeating.
What’s not to like? FDR moved the date once before.
Gary Colboth

Sun Staff


  • Jack Blecher

Assistant Editor

  • Judy Mednick


  • Linda Fuchik
  • Arthur Gottlieb
  • Roselind Hertz
  • Kathy Winkenwerder
  • Sylvia Manheim
  • Thelma Teitel
  • Loren Curtis
  • Geoff Carr

Graphics - Cartoonists

  • Harold Drab
  • Phil Garcia
  • Bruce Hatch


  • Rebecca Low

Welcome to the NEW President of CSULB




OLLI Governing Council
Name Position
Dr. Barbara White Executive Director
Malcolm Green President
William Fitzpatrick Vice President
Karin Covey Treasurer
Vicki O'Toole Secretary
Judie Irving Community Relations

Wes Peck

Kathy Winkenwerder

Computer Lab Coordinators
John Tellez Membership
Mary Jane Payan Social & Special Events

Pat Wrenn

Karin McDonough

Curriculum Chairs
Jack Blecher Publications
Judy Mednick Publications
vacant Archivist
Mona Panitz Member-at-Large
Les Jacobson Member-at-Large
Don Friedman Arts Ad Hoc Committee
Betty Hutchens Arts Ad Hoc Committee
Carl Curtis President Emeritus
Dean Ken Millar Ex-Officio

Dolores Volpe

Bea Roth

Leisure World Contacts

Richard Black

Ken Nakagawa

Pine Avenue Contacts
Dennis Youkstetter Ad Hoc Development

OLLI Advisory Board

  • Donald Brault
  • Dixie Grimmett
  • Kit Katz
  • Donald Lauda
  • Rosemary Lewallen
  • Nancy Lewis
  • Theresa Marino
  • Charlene Young
  • Dr. Susan Mathieu