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Corporate Mentoring Program

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The Corporate Mentoring Program is SCPD’s capstone program where senior students are paired with a corporate mentor for one academic year. Under the terms of a mutually agreed contract the mentor guides the student through personal choices that can impact a career. The focus is on character building, dependability, professionalism and self-confidence. Enrollment is limited to students who meet the following requirements:

  • Be in good standing with the University
  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Complete the application
  • Pass an in-person interview
  • No prior mentoring experience necessary!


Students selected to participate in CMP will be asked to sign an agreement that specifies their responsibilities and mandatory events to attend over the course of the year. They are workshops, networking mixers and an overnight trip. The details of such events are described below:

CMP Kick-Off Event

The event that officially commences the Corporate Mentoring Program, an evening where mentors and mentees are officially introduced to the group and have a chance to network with business professionals, campus and community partners, etc. Usually held at the first week of October.

Retreat for Leaders

This event provides a highly effective learning experience that can fosters personal growth, teamwork and leadership skills. It consists of a three days/ two nights of indoor projects and outdoor experiential learning activities that encourage examination of self as well as and are designed to enhance various skills relating to teamwork, leadership, trust, communication and many others that can be applied to academics and life in general. Usually held at the third week of October.

Spring Mixer

An event to bring the mentor and mentee groups together after the holiday festivities and another opportunity for students to network with business professionals as well as campus and community partners. Usually held at the third week of January.

SCPD Awards Banquet

This event marks the official conclusion of the Corporate Mentoring Program and celebrates our students’ accomplishments with the SCPD awards, certificates of completion and Class recognition. Usually held at the first week of May.

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Students are responsible for ensuring that their activities are properly recorded in their Passport and in the SCPD office to ensure proper certification award. The SCPD office maintains a database of student activities to ensure that commitments are being kept and it is important that this database be accurate.