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International Experience

The Saturday MBA progam includes a one week international experience at the end of the program. To prepare for the trip, student teams spend class time leading up to the trip researching specific industries, cultural characteristics, and political events relevant to international business in the region. During the trip students engage in lively case discussions on topics ranging from the financial crisis to entrepreneurial activities.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The international experience in Buenos Aires featured presentations from Chris Becker from the United States Embassy and Jude Webber, the regional writer from the Financial Times. Students toured operations at Volkswagen Argentina, Algabo, and Greenpeace South America. Each of the company visits included lively discussion with corporate managers, including Carlo Besco, the Director of Logistics at Volkswagen, and Nicolas Bollati, Logistics manager heir apparent at Algabo.


Casablanca and Marrakech, Morocco

Brian Jackson, a student in the program, said that the international experience was eye-opening. “Being a part of a foreign culture for even just a week provides so many different experiences that cannot be taught in a classroom,” he said. “Visiting a manufacturing facility in Morocco that is owned by a French company showed us that outsourcing is global and gave us an alternative perspective to the outsourcing that Americans are used to."


Students in the Saturday MBA program at Nexans Wire, a major airline cable manufacturer, in Morocco


SMBA students visiting the Cartier Saada plant in Marrakech