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Testimonials - Daytime Accelerated MBA

Read what our alumns say about the program

Xin Hou, Cohort 6, 2011

I'm an international student from Beijing, China. I used to work at a Private Equity company in Hongkong. Markets such as Hongkong and Beijing are very competitve; therefore, having a MBA degree is very neccessary. California State University Long Beach provides a solid MBA program, and the professors are very helpful. I learned many useful skill sfrom the professors' own work experiences. The international trip provided me a very good opportunity to explore how to do business in a different country,andI realized tha tI coul dimplement these ways of doing business in my own country. A few weeks after I graduated and came back to my own country, I found a better job at an investment bank in Beijing. As an international student, the MBA program could be a challenge. However, facing and accepting the challenge is the key to make yourself be more competitive.