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German-American International Business Workshop

The German-American International Business Workshops are an important component of the International Curriculum offered by the College of Business Administration.  Typically, a group of German students from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences visits Long Beach in November and a group of Long Beach students travels to Germany the first week of June.

Whether held in Long Beach or in Hamburg, the Workshops consist of a get-acquainted dinner, two days of student seminars, visits to local businesses, a farewell dinner, and social activities.  Students make their own travel arrangements and, as a cost savings, stay with a host in Long Beach or Hamburg.  When CSULB students go to Germany, they enroll in CBA 494 Spring Semester.  Typically, this class meets about 15 hours in Long Beach and then 30 hours in Germany. 

The Workshops began in November, 1993, with the arrival of the first inbound group of Germans.  The first Long Beach class went to Germany in June, 1995.  These initial Workshops were organized by Professors Terry Witkowski (CSULB Marketing), the late Wilm Pelters (CSULB German Studies), and Joachim Kellner (Hamburg-Marketing).  Other participating faculty have included Werner Beba (Hamburg Marketing), the late Paul Frantz (CSULB Business Law), Sabine Reddy (CSULB Management), Natalia Ribberink (Hamburg International Business), the late Clyde Stoltenberg (formerly CSULB Business Law), Horst Seider (Hamburg Marketing), and Annette Schikarski (Hamburg Marketing).