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Advisor Responsibilities

The relationship between advisor and student is one of shared responsibility. Although you as a student are ultimately responsible for the choices you make, it is your advisor’s responsibility to assist you in making the best academic decisions possible. The advisors in the College of Business Administration Center for Student Success are dedicated to their role of providing excellent advising services to students, while building relationships with students, and assisting them along the path leading to academic success and completion of goals. Therefore, advisor will:

  • Assist students in developing a suitable educational plan
  • Assist students in making the best academic decisions possible by encouraging identification and assessment of course and major alternatives and consideration of the outcomes of their decisions
  • Be accessible
  • Develop a relationship of trust and respect with students, faculty and staff
  • Direct students with educational, career or personal concerns, or skill/learning deficiencies to resources and programs on campus, when necessary
  • Effectively communicate prerequisite, curriculum, and graduation requirements for the major
  • Encourage and guide students as they develop realistic goals
  • Encourage and support students as they make academic progress within their educational plan
  • Enhance student awareness about educational, institutional, and community resources and services (e.g., internship, study abroad, honors, service-learning, and other opportunities)
  • Evaluate student progress toward established goals
  • Give timely and accurate information
  • Help students clarify educational, career and life goals
  • Help students select appropriate courses and assist with the registration process
  • Help students understand and clearly articulate the Business Administration degree requirements
  • Interpret university and college policies, procedures, and standards to students
  • Maintain confidentiality guidelines per the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act
  • Provide guidance to students in the development of decision-making skills
  • Reinforce student self-direction and self-sufficiency
  • Respect students as having unique needs, abilities and interests

When faced with a difficult question or challenging situation, CBA Center for Student Success is always a good place to begin. Remember: Graduation Begins Today!